We Believe that All Children Should Get Enrichment Every Day!

Here, at Spark Elementary we explore fields of knowledge outside of the standard Common Core curriculum. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each grade spends the last hour of the school day immersed in their Spark. As students begin to develop an understanding of their respective spark, they create service projects relating to each field. From Drama & Imagination to Creative Writing & Publishing, our Sparks for Social Change celebrate the mind, body, and soul.

Spark Students are the next generation of CEO’s, healers, entrepreneurs, artists, policy makers, inventors, scientists, peace makers, doctors, storytellers, farmers, earth keepers, teachers and parents. And they will be confident, capable, compassionate, innovative, and fulfilled.


 Drama & Imagination

Spark Kindergarteners get to do what kids love to do most…PLAY! Through dramatic enactment our kindergarteners create stories, develop characters, build sets with recycled materials, and bring puppets to life. This type of emotional expression teaches children how to work out conflicts, develop complex social thinking, cultivate emotional intelligence, and synthesize knowledge and skills. Visits to local theaters, visits from guest performers, and peer mediation practices all contribute to our kindergarteners’ creative thinking.

In-School Service Project

Collaborative Connection:  Creative Arts


First Grade

Spanish Immersion

At Spark Elementary we create global ambassadors of peace. Giving our students the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish allows for improved communication skills. All Spark periods are spent completely immersed in the Spanish language – no English allowed! Because Spanish instruction begins in kindergarten, our first graders are ready to take on this challenging task. Celebrations of cultural holidays and field trips to the Spanish Consulate prove to our students how beneficial speaking another language can be. 

Lindenhurst Service Project

Collaborative Connection: Spanish Teachers 

Second Grade

Communication & Broadcasting

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Spark Second Graders learn the art of broadcasting. They take on the roles of writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and news anchor – just to name a few. Whether it be educational or for entertainment, our second grade team produces videos to share with the community. As broadcasters they build communication, creativity, and organizational skills. 

Long Island Service Project

Collaborative Connection:

Long Island Production Studios

Third Grade

Engineering & Innovation

Our third graders dive into the worlds of engineering and innovation through hands-on projects, field trips, and case studies. We survey Civil, Industrial, Chemical, Mechanical, and Environmental engineering throughout the year. From field trips to the Estee Lauder production plant and Stony Brook University to building model bridges and learning CAD, our third graders develop the skills to change the world practically and efficiently.

New York State Service Project

Collaborative Connection:

Long Island Engineering Firms

Fourth Grade

Creative Writing & Publishing

After years of individualized literacy instruction, our fourth graders are ready to put their writing out into the world! Our Creative Writing & Publishing program reveals students’ true voices as writers, while implementing structured and effective strategies. Students learn how to edit, format, and self-publish their works by speaking with guest authors, editing younger students’ work, and visiting Universities, Newsday, and Modern Language Association.

US Service Project

Collaborative Connection: Writing Professors

Fifth/Sixth Grade


Our fifth graders are guided through the process of designing, launching, and running a new business. The students are engaged in the innovative practices of finding and latching upon opportunities to create new products and services. Our fifth graders are also responsible for managing all aspects of our school store. 

Global Service Project

Collaborative Connection: Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses

Empathy Training

Heart to Heart

Once a week, students participate in an empathy training class. The class fosters empathy through literature and role playing. The children learn the language of emotional sharing and concern. They embody perspective taking and active listening. 

“In the twenty-first century tool kit of skills…CEOs are calling for two crucial factors for success: CREATIVITY and EMPATHY.”

Dr. Laura Jana MD 

Urban Gardeners

Our Pre-K Growers

Our Pre-K Spark is centered around the study of nature and sustainability.  We take on the challenge to growing plants of all types and varieties in our urban environment. From window boxes to indoor herb gardens to our mini organic farm, our pre schoolers put their hands in the dirt and celebrate every moment of green growth.  They lead the way with composting and recycling in our community.

In School Clubs

Clubs are built into our Sparks for Social Change Program. Once a week students will participate in a club of choice as part of their curriculum. The clubs run on a ten week cycle, allowing our students to experience four different clubs per year. Because of our teachers’ and students’ eclectic interests, our clubs change every year. Some of our most popular clubs include Chorus, Band, Computers Club, Newspaper Club, Drama Club, and Broadcasting Club.