Maria Montessori meets the natural beauty of Reggio Emilia in a

Multi-Sensory Play Date with Learning!

At Spark Pre-School we embrace our early learners for the little lights that they are. We celebrate their diverse learning styles and their natural capacity for curiosity! We combine the philosophies of Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia with the pure power of imaginative play to create a happy and healthy learning community. Our classrooms are serene, unconventional, and illuminated. Rich, multi-sensory, inspiring materials fill our Montessori work space, our Reggio creativity studio and our nature studies laboratory.

The half-day program for our three and four year old students runs from 9:15 – 12:15 Monday through Friday. The extended day program for our four year old students runs from 9:15AM -3:00PM and offers unique immersion periods in early literacy instruction with Miss Rosalie and Montessori math enrichment.

Pre-K Urban Gardeners

At Spark we are planting seeds of love – love of learning, love of community and love of nature. The SPARK for social change in our pre-school program is based on the study of NATURE!!! Our organic gardeners come to understand the miracle of growth by simply creating gardens in unexpected places. They are
our ambassadors for making our school as green as possible. They lead the way with composting, recycling and sustainability.


Promoting a Community of Organic Growth