“Built on the premise of love, compassion and acceptance in an optimal, engaging, interactive learning environment. As an educator, nothing is more important than happy children that want to learn. Spark, you have forever changed the life of my son and of our family.”
Diana, Spark Parent

“I wish I went to school here! Thrilled to send my daughter here. She is thriving, academically and personally. It is a supportive, encouraging, positive educational experience.”

Jessica M., Spark Parent

“Spark Elementary is truly an incredible school. As a person that has worked in many schools and with children for many years, I have never seen such sensitivity, acceptance, and love towards every student. The students in this school are taught how to process and cope with their emotions in healthy ways, solve conflicts, cultivate empathy and kindness for others, develop leadership skills and discover and grow their own gifts and talents! The individualized attention at Spark is unmatched. Students who are struggling with intense emotions or conflicts with other students are approached in a therapeutic manner that is in tune with their needs and helps them to gain the skills to cope with life’s challenges. This school celebrates the uniqueness of each child and builds the type of self-esteem that can be genuinely life-changing. I truly believe that every student feels special here, which is so rare and beautiful! Spark is paving the way for a kind, peaceful and confident generation to come and I recommend it for any parent!”

Danielle L., Spark Staff

“I wish I could have gone there as a child! It is evident that the lessons are designed to meet the individual needs of each child. But what really stands out about this school is the high level of creativity that is infused in every content area. Equally important, is the fact that the staff truly respects each child and ensures that the emotional needs of these children are met, so that each student feels cared for. No child can learn if they do not feel emotionally safe. These students are soaring! I am loving my experience at SPARK. This school should serve as a model for other private schools.”

Laura N., Spark Volunteer

“My 4 year old is writing full sentences, reading books, adding single digits. She respects nature and all the power associated with it.”

Maria F., Spark Parent