Marianne Franzese MS, MA, RDT, LCAT


Marianne Franzese has been working in the field of child development for over 35 years. After teaching in New York City public schools, Montessori Schools and Recreational Facilities for Children with Special Needs, Principal Marianne pursued a career in Creative Arts Therapy. As co-founder of Kid Esteem Inc., she developed a series of interactive workshops to support the emotional development and empowerment of children and families. As Principal of Kid Esteem Montessori School she created and implemented the ArtSpeaks! Curriculum. Her book THE SACRED WEAVE OF MOTHERING (2002, Aslan Publishing) continues to provide comfort and inspiration for mothers and caregivers. An accomplished poet and playwright, Principal Marianne has made numerous guest appearances discussing her perspective on women’s and family issues, spiritual growth, psychological healing and the role that creative arts needs to play in education and child development.

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Rosalie Franzese Napolitano MA, Reading Specialist

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

Rosalie Franzese Napolitano has been in the field of elementary education for over 30 years. Miss Rosalie is a New York State Certified Teacher, Reading Specialist, Staff Developer, former Adjunct Professor at NYU and the recipient of the New York City Board of Education’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 1996 and Teacher of the Year Award in 1998. Rosalie is a Wilson Certified Instructor and she is Orton Gillingham trained. Commissioned by NYS to work with at-risk students, Rosalie developed her uniquely engaging approach to teaching reading. Her bestselling books READING AND WRITING IN KINDERGARTEN: A PRACTICAL GUIDE (2002, Scholastic), TWENTY READING AND WRITING CENTERS: FUN LITERACY-BUILDING CENTERS AND (2005, Scholastic), and POEMS FOR TEACHING HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS IN KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE (2011, Scholastic), along with her deeply held belief that reading and writing should be a positive and joyous experience that builds self-esteem, have transformed literacy learning for over a quarter of a million students.

The Teaching Spark!

“Classroom Character reflects one of the profound truths of teaching. It is the space that is created between teacher and student, where messages are conveyed about who the child is as a learner. It is the spirit that permeates the classroom, and that spirit is a direct reflection of the teacher’s own character. Every teacher carries this sacred responsibility and must be accountable for it. ”

Principal Marianne