Dyslexia LindenhurstIf you are searching for a school that offers special attention to those with Dyslexia Lindenhurst, consider Spark Elementary. They offer wonderful hands-on based lessons in a compassionate atmosphere that is in a learning environment. Your child will move through their day as each class and subject is held in a different classroom. There are many advantages to this style of learning and results are amazing. If your child has Dyslexia Lindenhurst know that at Spark Elementary, they will get specialized attention with trained reading specialists offering assistance for students with specific challenges.

Spark Elementary is located conveniently in Lindenhurst and offers classes for K-5. If you would like to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, you may dial directly to our offices at 631 226-3066. Or, if you prefer, you may simply click on to the attached link which will take you directly to our website https://sparkelementary.com/.

We would also like to offer you the ability to come to the school to take a tour and see how our individualized education programs can help your loved one with Dyslexia Lindenhurst.

We offer a unique way of teaching where each child is given the opportunity to excel. We provide individualized reading programs with one on one reading sessions daily. We have on staff a reading specialist with over 30 years- experience as an elementary school teacher. We provide hands-on based lessons during which healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables are enjoyed.

Our day is filled with challenges for each student. We encourage mid-day breaks for creative time. During this time students may participate in activities to stimulate the mind, body and soul with Yoga, dance, drama, music, art, foreign language and physical fitness. Our school is like no other and your child is deserving of the best education as they learn to cope with Dyslexia Lindenhurst.

We also provide fresh air and sunshine during our after-lunch recess time. The classes get to run around, let off steam and rejuvenate for their next sessions. If this sounds like the type of free-style education with results that you have been searching for, please call our representative today at 631 226-3066 to schedule to come and take a tour. You can sit with one of our staff and have your questions answered as well.

When it comes to helping your child with Dyslexia Lindenhurst, you need not look any further than here at Spark Elementary. After all, we are exactly what you have been searching for. Come and see how our individualized and customized classes can help your loved one to advance their education through patience, understanding, compassion and most of all fun. Spark Elementary is a great way to prepare your child for their educational future as well as their creative and social futures.

Spark Elementary is conveniently located on South 11th Street in Lindenhurst. You may call us at 631 226-3066 for directions. Please be advised when it comes to sending your child to class with snacks, we prohibit NUTS. Thank you.