Dyslexia AmityvilleWhen searching for a school that offers special attention to those with Dyslexia Amityville, know that Spark Elementary is exactly what you have been searching for. We are centrally located in Lindenhurst, Long Island. You may call directly to 631 226-3066 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives about the individualized care and attention offered.

At Spark Elementary we take pride in our ability to offer wonderful class sizes for those students in K-5. We provide a learning experience like no other school offering individualized reading programs, a free-style way of learning and attention to mind, body and soul.

If your child has a diagnosis of Dyslexia Amityville, they will work one on one with our reading specialist that has over 30 years of experience as an elementary school teacher. We offer the where-with-all to learn with patience, understanding and the ability to help your loved one learn at their own pace with Dyslexia Amityville. Our trained reading specialists meet with students daily to promote the skills necessary for reading. Students with specific challenges participate in individualized programs.

Your child will move from class to class throughout the day which helps keep boredom at bay. We take snack breaks where your child can enjoy the healthy snacks that you prepare using fresh fruits and vegetables. We do not permit nuts on-site.

Students enjoy fresh air and sunshine during their after- lunch recess. It permits them to run around, blow off steam, and have play time with their peers. We also encourage daily mid-day breaks where students may use this time to participate in activities such as Yoga, dance, drama, music, art, foreign language and physical fitness. These activities make for a well-rounded student that will excel in life.

If you would like to learn more about Spark Elementary and our programs for those with Dyslexia Amityville, you may do so by simply clicking on the attached link https://sparkelementary.com/. You may also call to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives that can answer any questions you may have regarding Dyslexia Amityville, our specific programs or to schedule a tour of our lovely school.

We can help your child learn in a happy, clean and educational environment where students and teachers work in tandem to bring about great results. If your child is having difficulty learning or becoming motivated to learn, come and see all we have to offer. You will see how our staff inspires, supports and encourages creativity, patience and learning. Call us today at 631226-3066 and set up an appointment to come and take a tour. After all, when it comes to your child and learning with Dyslexia Amityville, you will find that Spark Elementary is just what you have been searching for.

We are conveniently located on 11th street in Lindenhurst which is in close proximity to major highways. We hope to meet you soon so your child can get a good start to learning at their own pace with Dyslexia Amityville. Call today.