Got Kindness?

We are a culture of kindness.

We value intelligence as diverse, dynamic, and distinct.

We value the care of ALL bodies, minds, and souls.

Our culture reveres and strongly encourages principles of equality and peace​.

We are a culture that supports our children to become upstanders, social changers, and free thinkers​.

We turn learning right-side-up in order to be the change we wish to see in the world.

We work together to make room for the full spectrum of aliveness.

We are so grateful to be here!

All Are Welcome

We are a community of fully embodied learners. We celebrate humankind.
All kinds of humans with all kinds of talents.
Our students spark a brighter future because they learn to embody their own spark and to recognize the beauty of the spark in others.


At Spark we host monthly hands-on workshops to support the personal well-being and development of our families. We offer classes in parenting, nutrition, environmental beautification, family art, game playing, meditation, and holistic healing. Courses are developed based on the needs and requests from our community.
Sparks Parents are hands-on participants. They are always welcome to bring forward their ideas in a culture that celebrates the power of collaboration.