We are actively working to update our curriculum and staff training to promote antiracism in all of its forms. Black Lives Matter.

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We Educate The MindBodySoul

Dream, Challenge, Succeed, Engage, Empower
Dream, Challenge, Succeed, Engage, Empower

We believe that every child brings their own unique spark to the world and it is our responsibility to support the fully embodied learner.  All students deserve to be enriched, inspired and encouraged to pursue the gifts of their true nature.

Spark! Curriculum

Spark Elementary

Daily Enrichment

Dream. Challenge. Succeed

What sparks your child’s interest? Here, at Spark Elementary we explore fields of knowledge outside of the standard Common Core curriculum. Three afternoons a week each grade spends the last hour of the school day immersed in their…

Spark Elementary

Spark! Literacy Curriculum

Empowering. Joyful. Incomparable

Spark students love to read because we love teaching them to read. We understand the importance of strong literacy skills for future success. Therefore, each Spark student has their own individualized reading program. Students participate in…

Spark Elementary


On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!

As a facet of our ArtSpeaks curriculum, our original creative arts program is designed to expand the children’s conception of what it means to be an artist. In specialized art, yoga, dance, drama, music, and movement workshops children follow…

Spark Elementary

Interactive Drama Social Studies Program

Engaging. Insightful. Profound.

Drama therapy provides an active, experimental approach to facilitating growth and development. When applied in a classroom setting, drama engages a multi-sensory learning experience. Through a range of dramatic techniques that includes…

“LOVE is the breath of our school. HARD WORK is the body.

CREATIVITY is the heart. REFLECTION is the soul.”

-Principal Marianne

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